Streamline Your Healthcare Center's RAC & Private Payor Audits

A provider potentially has millions of dollars at risk for takeaway. It is imperative that responses to these audits are timely and accurate.

RevKeep offers a comprehensive RAC audit and payor audit software solution to help healthcare providers defend and keep previously earned money subject to medical insurance recovery audits.

Features That Help You Save On Costs

Leadership should be well informed of practice operations. RevKeep takes the manual work out of the process.

Healthcare billing audit software dashboard example
Intuitive Design

RevKeep's intuitive design makes API implementation quick and easy

Real Time

RevKeep notifies you when a medical audit is received. No more missed deadlines

Ad Hoc Reporting

Fully customizable report builder specific to your organizations needs

Customized Templates

Audit response templates based on insurance provider or type

Secure Data Transfers

HL7 and FHIR for data transfers and storage

Post Payment and RAC Audit Software

We integrate directly into your current systems using a collaborative approach to RAC audits and appeals. Whether you’re looking for a payor audit solution, private payor audit software, or an RAC audit software solution, RevKeep has got you covered.

Response Builder

Seamlessly build healthcare audit responses directly in our software

Collaborative Approach

Cross collaborate audit responses across team, remote or in office

Dashboard Views

Track post payment audits and proactively identify audit risks

Improve Accuracy

Our software improves efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs.

Health Care Software for Revenue Management

RAC & Payor Audit Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Our mission is to save time for healthcare organizations by removing the friction of back-end processes of RAC and private payor audits so providers can focus on helping patients.

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