Ambulatory Service Centers

RevKeep’s cloud-based software is designed to help Ambulatory Service Centers (ASCs) optimize their revenue cycle management and effectively respond to private insurance recovery audits and RAC audits. Our solution offers the following benefits:

  • Utilize advanced analytics and AI to quickly respond to audits involving similar procedures or diagnosis codes
  • Grant access to internal employees and external consultants as needed for efficient collaboration
  • Empower employees to understand and process payor audits, reducing training time and costs
  • Streamline claims management processes to reduce denials and optimize claims payments
  • Preserve revenue from clinical services already provided
  • Reduce the need for expensive external consultants

How does RevKeep help Ambulatory Service Centers?

One major challenge ASCs face is keeping up with changing regulations, juggling multiple schedules, and ensuring that patients receive the best possible care in a highly dynamic setting.

RevKeep software is designed to help ASCs handle payor audits and retain revenue. The software is easy to use and helps these centers stay compliant with regulations. In addition, RevKeep offers a variety of reports and tools that organizations can use to improve their operations.

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