Effortlessly Manage & Win RAC and Private Payor Audits with RevKeep

RevKeep’s RAC and Payor audit software solution streamlines billing, improves communication, and maximizes revenue for your healthcare center. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing audits manually, and hello to winning more audits with ease.

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Empowering Healthcare Providers to have Confidence During Payor Audits

Streamline Patient Billing and Insurance Claims

RevKeep's software simplifies the payor audit process for revenue cycle management teams. With RevKeep, RCM teams can easily manage patient billing, claims processing, and financial reporting to ensure they receive the reimbursement they deserve. The collaborative approach to payor audits and appeals allows for efficient and thorough handling of all audit requests.

Improve Staff Communication

RevKeep streamlines communication between healthcare staff members, allowing them to quickly and easily share important patient information. This improves the overall patient experience and ensures that everyone is on the same page, leading to better patient outcomes.

Increase Revenue

Advanced reporting and analytics in the RevKeep platform give healthcare staff a clear picture of their revenue performance. As a result, they can proactively identify audit targets and best practices to make data-driven decisions to increase revenue, leading to increased profits.

Stay Compliant

RevKeep fully complies with current healthcare regulations, ensuring that healthcare providers stay in line with industry standards and reducing the risk of penalties and fines.