Why choose RevKeep Software for your practice?

It’s time to put your focus where it belongs – on your patients!

RevKeep Software was invented for healthcare providers and organizations who need an efficient and thorough way of handling all post payment audit requests, ensuring that billing practices stay up-to date – as well as preventing costly errors from occurring in the first place.

Let RevKeep take the hassle out of managing the healthcare post payment recovery audit process. 

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About Us

Our software is designed for healthcare providers of all sizes and specialties. From small independent practices to large hospitals and healthcare organizations – we’ve got you covered.

The development team at RevKeep has designed a cutting-edge software solution to help your practice with all types of healthcare recovery audits (billing, RAC, MAC, private payer).

Our Mission

RevKeep’s mission is to help healthcare providers manage their claims and preserve revenue from clinical services.

Our software helps healthcare providers eliminates the operational burdens of healthcare audits.

Our Team

Who We Are

RevKeep post payment audit software cofounder Steve Prucher

Steve Prucher, CIO

Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer of RevKeep Software.


Prior to creating RevKeep, Steve previously founded National Coding Center and Renaissance Medical Equipment. Steve has vast experience in many facets of the healthcare industry. In his free time you can find Steve on a golf course!

Kevin Lasser, CEO

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RevKeep Software.


Kevin is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded JEMS Technology (telehealth service) and Pure Entropy Technology (healthcare encryption).


Kevin loves startup companies and believes in their ability to shape an industry. Kevin is an avid University of Michigan football fan and a lifelong Detroit Lions fan.


Kevin currently serves as a Chairperson of the Oakland Country Healthcare Advisory Committee. 

Susie Vestevich, Esq., CCO

Co-Founder and Chief Communications Officer of RevKeep Software. 

Susie is a highly experienced communications professional who handles all branding and communications. She previously helped found JEMS Technology and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of TiaTech Healthcare Solutions. 

When she's not working, Susie loves to spend time with her family and friends. She loves yoga and learning about new technology trends. 


Susie currently serves as a Healthcare Advisory Committee Member for the Medical Main Street group.

RevKeep Board of Advisors

Sandy Spiro

A senior healthcare executive who has had success in various capacities in healthcare – from leading successful start-ups to exits, to co-founding today’s largest VC in Michigan.

Joe Rizk

A proven business development professional in health-tech (recipient of numerous awards and recognitions), Joe is the VP of Strategic Partnerships at MATTER (healthcare incubator).

Mark Hallman

A proven healthcare strategist, who has had an illustrious career at some of the leading healthcare providers (including The Cleveland Clinic), Mark is the Chief Innovation & Transformation Officer of JPS Health Network.

Trey Rawles

A 2x healthcare founder with a passion for venture capital as well as cutting edge healthcare tech that improves the health of populations, Trey is Director of Market Intelligence at Change Healthcare (a world leader in RCM).