A Comprehensive Solution for CMS and Medicare Recovery Audits

RevKeep provides a sophisticated solution for handling CMS audits and RAC Medicare challenges. With our software, you can efficiently manage recovery audit services, ensuring compliance and maximizing revenue retention.

Streamline All Aspects of Billing and Recovery Audits

RAC and CMS Audit Management Across Campuses

RevKeep streamlines the management of RAC and CMS audits across different healthcare campuses.

AI for Effective Medicare Audit Responses

Utilize RevKeep's AI technology for crafting successful responses to Medicare recovery audit contractors.

Real-Time Reporting for Billing Audits

Access up-to-date reporting features for efficient tracking of billing and recovery audit processes.


Reduction in required resources


Increase in retained revenue

About Us

RevKeep’s state-of-the-art payor audit software is tailored for seamless management of Medicare recovery audit contractors and other healthcare recovery audits. Our platform ensures efficient tracking and management of your financial data, revolutionizing the way healthcare providers handle RAC audits and CMS audits.

Our Mission

At RevKeep, we aim to simplify revenue cycle management with a focus on RAC and CMS recovery audits, aiding healthcare providers in improving financial performance and patient care.

Why Choose RevKeep?

Choose RevKeep for an all-encompassing approach to managing recovery audit contractors and post-payment audit requests. Our solution ensures up-to-date billing practices and streamlines the recovery audit process.

Let RevKeep transform your approach to CMS audits, RAC audits, and Medicare recovery audits. Book a demo today and experience streamlined audit management!


Who We Are

RevKeep post payment audit software cofounder Steve Prucher

Steve Prucher

CTO, Co-Founder

Steve is passionate about the healthcare industry and previously founded multiple companies including National Coding Center and Renaissance Medical Equipment.

Kevin Lasser

CEO, Co-Founder

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur  focused on healthcare technology. Previously, Kevin founded JEMS Technology, a healthtech company focused on improving access to patient care.

Susie Vestevich


Susie Vestevich, Esq. is a seasoned healthcare communications professional. She focuses on helping healthcare startups with branding, communicating company vision, and value to the industry.

RevKeep Board of Advisors

Sandy Spiro

Senior healthcare executive who has had success in various capacities in healthcare. Sandy has led successful start-ups to exits, including co-founding today’s largest VC in Michigan.

Joe Rizk

A proven business development professional in health-tech (recipient of numerous awards and recognitions). Joe is the VP of Strategic Partnerships at MATTER – (healthcare technology incubator).

Mark Hallman

Mark is a proven healthcare strategist, who has had an illustrious career at some of the leading healthcare providers. Mark is the Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer of JPS Health Network.

Tom Dolan

Tom Dolan is a successful healthcare executive and the CEO of MedLearn Media. With a proven track record of leading start-ups to financial success, Tom has also held key roles at Brooks Life Sciences and RURO, Inc.

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