Kevin Lasser’s Take: Change Healthcare – But Wait, There’s More!

Change Healthcare recently made headlines by reportedly paying off hackers to the tune of $22 million. However, the saga doesn’t end there. Another hacker group is now demanding a payoff, a not uncommon scenario in such situations. This ordeal is undeniably a nightmare for any company to endure.

On the flip side, UnitedHealth, Change Healthcare’s parent company, boasted profits of $22 billion in 2023. With such financial prowess, they’re not accustomed to losing out on any front.

Amid ongoing discussions about halting pre-payment audits, questions loom large: who will ultimately bear the brunt of these breaches, and how many payoffs will ensue?

It’s likely that healthcare providers will feel the sting, potentially through takebacks via private payor audits. The message is clear: gear up, stay prepared, and secure the revenues you rightfully deserve!

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