RACmonitor Post Payment Audits

RACmonitor, in association with RevKeep, produced a three-part series on post-payment audits (i.e., ADRs, RAC, MAC, etc.). 

Genesis Healthcare is the largest post-acute provider in the United States.  Ally Phillipsen oversees a staff that works with additional documentation requests (ADRs) at Genesis. The ADRs create a unique challenge in that many people and departments are often time needed to respond. Additional challenges are a decreasing staff (as seen by many providers) and limited technology. Below is the full interview with Ms. Phillipsen:

Jennifer Bartlett oversees post-payment audit activity at Infirmary Health in Mobile, Alabama. Like many other large hospitals, Infirmary has multiple facilities which makes managing the audits quite challenging. The process requires tedious reviews, in a “siloed environment”. Not only are other facilities required to opine, but various people (nurses, doctors, etc.). It requires Ms. Bartlett to juggle many balls at one time, but she is up for the challenge. Below is the full interview with Ms. Bartlett:

When Kevin Lasser initially invested in RevKeep he had no idea how big an issue managing post-payment audits were at providers throughout the United States. The more people he talked to (CFOs, VPs of RCM, Department Heads, Managers, etc.) the more he was convinced that RevKeep could make a significant difference for the better to providers. As such he partnered with Steve Prucher and Susie Vestevich to bring the RevKeep solution to the masses. I talked to Mr. Lasser and got his perspective on the issue. Below is the full interview:

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